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The Summer Queen
Elizabeth Chadwick
Dawn of the White Rose - Mary Pershall 2.5 stars. At a very low point in my life a few months ago I decided I needed to read some totally mindless fluff that would allow me to forget my problems while at the same time giving me some hope for a happily ever after in the midst of a relationship full of seemingly insurmountable problems. Having read one of Pershall’s previous books, I decided this one might fit the bill. It did. The subject of the book is my historical hunk, William Marshall. But Elizabeth Chadwick’s The Greatest Knight this is not - as it falls more into the bad-bodice-ripper variety – but that’s OK. With a brooding, moody William, an irritating Isabel and a series of misunderstandings that made more sense to the characters then they did to me, this was a mess. But admittedly, a mess I couldn’t stop reading! Maybe it was my mood. But it did what it was supposed to do at the time and so that counts for something.